Saturday, January 23, 2010

Futuristic? Or Just Cutting-Edge?

Posts I'm setting up for another blog, Apathetic Lemming of the North, reminded me that it's hard to make a 'future' setting seem - well, futuristic.

One's about oxygenated liquid fluorocarbons being used to treat people with some medical conditions. The fluorocarbons aren't injected: the patients are breathing them.

Remember the Star Wars Movie, where a wounded Luke Skywalker is in a tank, with a breathing mask on his face? Forget the face-mask. If they aren't already there, my guess is that ICUs will have tanks, soon, for patients who can't handle being in a gaseous environment.

Neural implants? They're in the research and development stage now: commercially available in maybe 2020.

I set up a post in that blog, to help me keep track of "future" technologies in development: "The Future: Just Like Today, Only Different." It's mostly a link-list, slightly organized.

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